I’m originally from Boston, and first moved to LA to go to film school. I learned a little meditation there, but wasn’t at all regular. After grad school I worked as an actor and producer in theater, then moved to New York to teach yoga, which I thought would be more laid back, but turned out to be more of a grind than long days producing. 

I began meditating again on my own — not quite doing it correctly it turns out — but found a new stillness in my social interactions. Soon I stumbled into a meditation talk held by Thom Knoles -- who I'd never heard of, but turns out was a famous meditation teacher -- and when I first saw him, I thought, This guy knows something.

I took his course and was instantly hooked. I had suffered from debilitating insomnia, but  started sleeping better immediately. My anxiety lessened and I found my life was steadier and on an upward curve.

All because of one course.

Meditation became the spine of my life, and after a few years, I decided I wanted to become a teacher. In 2016 I took Thom’s 3 month training in India, where I learned how to select mantras, facilitate stress release, and teach in a easy, systematic way. 

Based again in LA, I teach executives, homemakers, entrepreneurs and artists an effortless practice that reduces stress levels, enhances performance -- at home, at work, in bed -- and allows them to achieve more by doing less. 

It’s a joy to teach people how easy it is to receive the benefits of meditation, and to watch them become happier, more effective, and more connected to themselves.